first holy communion

First Holy Communion, a ceremonial admission of young Catholics to the community of the church, is becoming a main event for this rite of passage for 7- and 8-year-olds.

When planning your child’s special communion day why not allow a la sweetcart create and focal point for your venue on our Hand Crafted Sweetcart or Lolly Buffet.




The Communion Sweetcart Package Includes:

24 hr hire of the Sweetcart

Colour Scheme / Props of your choice (see gallery below)




Candy Bags

Different types of candy which you can select from our extensive list.

Lights - optional (free)

Props - optional (free)

Ivory / Flower Decor - optional (free) - see gallery

Balloons - optional (additional charge pending specific requirements)



Sweetcart Package 1 - $210 Choice of up to 8 Candys

Sweetcart Package 2 - $180 Choice of up to 6 Candys



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