Saint Patrick's Day

a la sweetcart had the pleasure of joining the Irish Community in Oz on the day we are most proud of being Irish, St Patrick's Day .

Starting the day right with a homemade Irish Breakfast Roll it was off to the Leederville Oval at 7am to set up our stall.

The Organisers and stall holders were in great spirits as we prepared our stalls and awaited the excited green army of Irish customers that were going to storm the oval at 11am after the St Patrick's Day Parade.

It was our first time exhibiting at the Oval for the St Patrick's Day Festival and we didn’t know what to expect but immediately felt at home when we entered to the band doing a sound check for The Irish Rover.

Friendly organisers made sure we had everything we needed and throughout the day stopped by to offer encouragement and photo ops with the many many (did I say many?) sugar loving kiddies who stopped by to say hi.

These kids kept coming and the look on their little faces when we told them the Lolly Bags were free as a thank you for stopping by our a la sweetcart stall.


One little girl said “This is my favorite stall, my mom said nothing in this life is free and your're giving us free candy“ lol.. Safe to say there was a few happy customers that day .

One can imagine we had lots of reoccurring visits from the little ones and their parents probably had enough of us by the end of the event as the kids were very…….. lets just say “excited and happy” to be there 😉

We were so proud of the turn out! Every so often we had a chance to stop and look out at the sea of green, white and gold having fun, singing , dancing to the band , eating from the food vans and drinking from the bar.

The kids were enjoying the entertainment, families gathered on the grass for picnics and friends caught up with each over a few pints and a bit of craic. I think it was fair to say it was an event enjoyed by all and we are looking forward to March 2019 already.


Ali & Lisa

A la sweetcart